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Tekno Dinkie Dog Robot
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Tekno Dinkie Robot: Dog – The Tekno Dinkie robot walks along with turning its head amd moving its arms. Each robot has a unique personality. The Tekno Dinkie robot comes with artificial intellgence that allows it to speak two languages interact with other Dinkie robots. The Dinkie Robots are a family (a real, traditional family with a father, mother, three children, and the requisite family dog) of walking and talking robots. Designed by the same team that created the popular Tekno the Robotic Puppy, each member of this diminutive troupe of battery-powered characters is equipped with a micromotor drive to animate their head and limbs, an array of audio and visual sensors, and its own specific "artificial intelligence software tendencies." The result of all this advanced digital technology and microcircuitry is a set of moving, interactive toys that respond and react to how they are being played with by walking, moving their arms, turning their heads from side to side, and occasionally singing or speaking aloud. There are literally hundreds of functions, expressions (appearing on each unit's animated LCD screen), and movements that can be triggered, many of which are not even revealed within the multipage owner's manual. As a result, more than half the fun of these interactive robots is just waiting to see what will happen next.

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