May 112013

Lockheed Martin’s latest promo video of the HULC exoskeleton designed to ease a Soldier’s load by turning him into a temporary robot.

May 112013

Includes footage of a service member with the Wounded Warrior Project using a prosthetic limb to pick up a ball.

May 112013

movement in Fred’s forearm and responds, allowing him to perform numerous functions, including gripping cups, buttoning his pants, and even clamping onto som…

Aug 202012

Prosthetic RoboticsWelcome to Prosthetic Robotics. With increased regularity, humans are merging with our own technology. In order for a robotic prosthetic limb to work, it must have several components to integrate it into the body’s function. Biosensors detect signals from the user’s nervous or muscular systems. It then relays this information to a controller located inside the device, and processes feedback from the limb and actuator (e.g., position, force) and sends it to the controller. Mechanical sensors process aspects affecting the device (e.g., limb position, applied force, load) and relay this information to the biosensor or controller.

The controller is connected to the user’s nerve and muscular systems and the device itself. It sends intention commands from the user to the actuators of the device, and interprets feedback from the mechanical and biosensors to the user. Within science fiction, and, more recently, within the scientific community, there has been consideration given to using advanced prostheses to replace healthy body parts with artificial mechanisms and systems to improve function. The morality and desirability of such technologies are being debated. Body parts such as legs, arms, hands, feet, and others can be replaced.

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Aug 202012

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